There’s way more than meets the mouth here on the QQ side. Get ready to turn up the technicolor, turn down the trite and flip the familiar. QQ’s the chewy, bouncy, springy consistency that you didn’t even know you craved.

Here the straws are on steroids. Textures and flavors are swirly-whirly: psychedelic lava lamps to mesmerize your mouth. We satisfy our Q-kinks by chewing our drinks. 

Giving boba shop perfection at a fraction of the friction and try-and-stop-me customizability, we were born to be boba baddies.

Starbucks? Pshht, buck that basic routine for a way better at-home scene.

It’s time to start giving a suck.



Boba is a springy, chewy tapioca ball derived from the cassava root. With a bouncy, chewy texture known as QQ, these little black tapioca balls take your mouth on a joyride.

Every sip of BOBABAM brings you closer to Q-phoria. Will you answer the call of the boba ball?

Yellow BOBABAM kitty holding a black boba ball in front of her. Various shaped boba balls floating around her. Yellow BOBABAM kitty holding a boba ball in front of her and two others floating around.

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